Piemònvetro was founded with the aim of guaranteeing efficiency and precision. The experience gained over time and the skills handed down make it one of the most competitive glass container distribution companies. Characterized by passion, foresight, and dedication, Piemònvetro, currently active in North-West Italy, responds in a timely and professional manner to the needs of customers of all sizes by leveraging a careful knowledge of the market and a wide and varied product offering. All of this translates into high quality service.

Piemònvetro‘s products range from containers for wine, spirits or oil, to food-safe jars. Their selection is varied and, depending on the intended contents, the company is able to suggest the most suitable container for the needs of individual customers, providing them with technical support and more.


Established in 2000 as a cork processor and broker for international companies, Piemònvetro started selling bottles for export in 2006. And in 2008 the collaboration with the leading bottling companies began. Together with Vetruria, Stilvetro and Vetro Nord, Piemònvetro is a cohesive and strong group with a competitive and strategic point of view.


To ensure precise, punctual, and adequate answers to the needs of its customers, Piemònvetro has long-standing commercial partnerships with some of the main companies in the area.

  • Vetreria Etrusca SpA

    Vetreria Etrusca SpA

    Via Maremmana, 70
    50056 Montelupo Fiorentino (FI) - Italy
    T +39 0571 7551

  • Vetro Nord

    Vetro Nord

    Via Colombo, 187/2
    33037 Pasian di Prato (UD) - Italy
    T +39 0432 690070

  • Stilvetro


    Via Val Di Foro, 49
    66010 Ripa Teatina (CH) - Italia
    T +39 0871 936407
    F +39 0871 936451

  • Vetruria


    Via Tosco Romagnola Sud, 22
    50056 Montelupo Fiorentino (FI) - Italy
    T +39 0571 755333
    F +39 0571 911201

  • Vetropiù


    via Gabriele Jannelli, 424
    80131 Napoli - Italy
    T +39 081 7707486
    F +39 081 3720153

  • P&P Promotion

    P&P Promotion

    Strada Canelli, 111 Bis
    12055 - Costigliole d'Asti (AT) - Italy
    T +39 0141 843504
    F +39 0141 843053

Distributed brands

Numerous brands are distributed by Piemònvetro, all are expressions of a wealth of experience and a unique know-how in the world.

  • Vetreria Etrusca SpA
  • Verallia Francia
  • Zignago Vetro
  • Vetreria Cooperativa Piegarese
  • Ve.Ba.D.